Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tomatoes? At the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm & Christmas Trees...

Today, while shopping the Pleasant Hill Farmers' Market I met a new vendor - Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm and Christmas Trees. I've known about this "pumpkin farm" for years. To my surprise, they sell tomato plants too! Rather, they are practically giving them away. The sale at the Market today was Buy One Get One Free. Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm & Christmas Trees will be at the Walnut Creek Farmers' Market tomorrow Sunday, May 17th and future dates in the season. Well worth the fun of shopping the market and taking home some beautiful plants. Click HERE for other event dates.

The farmers, Sharon and Cara are a joy to speak with. They are selling high quality tomato, vegetable and flower seedlings. I purchased six Brandywine and Amana Orange Heirloom tomatoes for my family - and for my Grow a Row For The Hungry gardening project. I'm about 10 varieties in on my tomato growing addiction! Last year, I had over 40 varieties growing, so I'm striving to be more conservative this year. :)

Upon arriving home, I jumped right on the internet to check out Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm and Christmas Tree's website. To my disappointment, our family missed their Spring Science Program. I sure hope they have another fun-filled family event scheduled soon. This place looks like a lot of fun. They are just a stone's throw away from where we live. It would be so easy to take Ava for a morning train ride or chance to dig in the worms at one of their science related events!

I encourage you to check their website often for events and news. Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm & Christmas Trees is a true local gem, only minutes from the downtown area of Clayton. They are a real farm, with live animals and nice folks working the farm. Keep it bookmarked for future reference. I know I am.

Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm & Christmas Trees
1060 Pine Lane, Clayton, CA 94517-9706
(corner of Pine Lane and Marsh Creek Road)
PHONE: (925) 672-5198 EMAIL:


  1. My Kids love the volcano. I have also bought Flowers. The owners are very friendly and always ready to share their knowledge if you do not know what you want or need. They have live animals and you can always walk around to just look and read the wonderful information about plants and animals. Call me and we will go with you. Big Hugs from Katie Grace.