Monday, May 4, 2009

Eat California Fruit - Farmers Were Very Generous Today

All through town, I'm noticing blooming plum trees with their brilliant colors coming to life. This website has gorgeous images of California Peaches, Plums and Nectarines. Although it is only the month of May, the interactive timeline is a great learning tool to visualize what fruit is growing around our neighborhoods. Recipes and other fun stuff too!

Eat California Fruit. Please remember the local farmers, they're really nice folks!

Today has been one of the most exciting days in my fruit collecting adventures. Shopped two local Farmers' Markets - Walnut Creek and Martinez. Purchased a San Marzano tomato plant and some freshly harvested onions. The dirt covering the onion skin amazes me. Am I silly? Farm fresh food is my joy. Minutes after harvest, when the vegetable still smells of the earth, that's what thrills me! Vince, the onion farmer was a neat guy to talk to. He even gave me a lovely bouquet of roses! This is what makes the Farmers' Markets so special. The people - The Farmers.

Long story short, I left the Markets with a truckload of fresh produce from two very generous farmers. With a high and happiness I could barely contain, I drove on over to The Salvation Army. Hoping, any chance there may be someone in the parking lot. Afterall, my truck was full - not much room for baby and husband. I wasn't too bashful to make a few "after hour" phone calls to see if a food pantry staff member could accept this excellent delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To my surprise, Ruth and Susan arrived to receive my delivery. We really were all jumping for joy. Our community is so fortunate to have such genuine and caring staff at
The Salvation Army. The food pantry lines open Monday morning and fresh fruit will be served!

I also saved some tangerines to split the delivery with
Monument Crisis Center.

It's been a fun day, a really good day. The Angels were working overtime. Good night, and sweet lemonade dreams.

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