Friday, December 13, 2019

Fruit Harvesting For The Hungry in 2019. Serving the community for 11 years . . .

FREE Pick-up and Delivery. Harvest Help.
Register A Fruit Tree:

Anna, The Lemon Lady
Jefferson Award Winner
Cell: (510) 406-1625
Office: (925) 672-1988 

Donate fruit in California:
CLICK HERE for food bank locations accepting fresh fruit from local trees.

Donate fruit, zip code search the United States:
CLICK HERE for food bank locations across America accepting fresh fruit from local trees.

Donate fruit in Concord, California:
CLICK HERE for neighborhood food pantries accepting fresh fruit from local trees.

Donate fruit to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano:
CLICK HERE for website, warehouse, donation information, food bank resources.

Glean a little goodness.  HARVEST Fruit.  SHARE Fruit.  TAKE ACTION. Feed The Hungry!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Apple Season. Donate Apples From Your Tree. Share Fruit. Join "the lemon lady" mission . . .

My daughter joyfully harvesting apples for the hungry.

Fruit Donation Contact:

🍏💜🍏💜 🍏💜🍏💜 🍏💜🍏💜 

Food Pantries and Hunger Relief organizations struggle to meet the demands of the poor economy. Sometimes the person struggling is the FAMILY NEXT DOOR. Together, we can SHARE THE LOVE. SHARE FRUIT. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are an abundant harvest, yet a real luxury for most on a limited food budget. Perhaps you know a family struggling with unemployment or a health crisis. Let's boost nutrition to our neediest neighbors! Please, I ask that you take action today. Join me. Find a tree. Share Fruit.

In Concord, California, donating fruit from Summer 2019 harvests is easy! Apples, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons, the summer fruit is endless.

Do you have a fruit tree? Do you wish to donate fruit?

Please Register your fruit tree before it is too late!

"The Lemon Lady Foundation" and Volunteers offer FREE Pick-up and Delivery service to our neighbors in need in Contra Costa County, California: Concord, Clayton, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Martinez, Pacheco and other cities by arrangement.


Fruit Donation Contact:

For NATIONWIDE donation locations, Visit Feeding America.

The Lemon Lady Foundation's mission connects Gardeners and Tree Owners across America to food pantries and county food banks. Any Town, Every Town, USA. Where to deliver fresh garden produce:
Feeding America
Donate excess garden produce, tree-ripened homegrown fruit to any of thousands of food banks, food pantries, Salvation Army, Churches, Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens Nationwide. From California to the Carolinas, New York to Florida and every state in between.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

PEOPLE Magazine Article - On Newsstands Nationwide Current Issue...

UPDATE:PEOPLE Magazine, Heroes Among Us
Once Hungry, She Now Feeds Others
May 30, 2011, page 74. CURRENT ISSUE.

April 2011, I was contacted by People Magazine to be included as a "Hometown Hero" for my volunteer work of harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the hungry. We finished the People Magazine Interview and photo shoot a few weeks ago. I understand the "lemon lady" article may publish in this week's edition of People Magazine.

Friends and Family, please keep a look out at newsstands nationwide for People Magazine.

More important - Have YOU walked on by a fruit tree today?
Do nothing. Nothing will ever get done. I can't harvest every fruit tree in America, all by myself.

FREE Fruit Harvesting for the Hungry.
FREE pick-up and delivery to local food pantries.

Any one of us can step up and make a difference to those in need. Any Town, USA. Please be inspired to help. Fruit truly matters. Thank you.
(510) 406-1625


People Magazine Writers and Editors:
THANK YOU for your interest in sharing my story with your readers. This most definitely will inspire others to donate fresh fruit from their own trees to feed the hungry!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Diablo Magazine - On A Mission With The Lemon Lady

Diablo Magazine, November 2011 - Special Food Issue. 
On a Mission With the Lemon Lady, by Justin Goldman

Thank you Diablo Magazine, Susan Safipour, Justin Goldman and Mitch Tobias. You are definitely helping the hunger cause and getting the word out around our community! Beautiful work. Happy Harvest Season to all.

For Fruit Donations, Free Pick-Up or Delivery, to schedule a harvest date or volunteer opportunities:

Anna, The Lemon Lady
Cell: (510) 406-1625
Home: (925) 672-1988

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Food Pantry Locations - Concord, California, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek - Fruit and Produce Distribution and Drop-off . . .

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano:
(855) 309-FOOD

GET HELP - Community Produce Program
Distributed by the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

East, West, Central Contra Costa County a
nd Solano County

For ALL Locations: CLICK HERE

Local Food Pantries Distribute Food

and Accept Walk-in Donations.

Please call individual pantries to confirm hours for

food distribution or hours for donation drop offs.

Monument Crisis Center
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
1990 Market St, Concord, CA 94520
(925) 825-7751

SHARE Food Pantry - At The First Christian Church
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
3039 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA 94519
(925) 827-4273

The Salvation Army - Concord Community Church
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
3950 Clayton Road, (at West street)
Concord, CA 94521
(925) 676-6180

NorthCreek Church

(non-perishable food only)
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
Tuesdays 10am-12pm
2303 Ygnacio Valley Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 210-9036

St. Bonaventure Church
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
Food Pantry Tuesday and Friday mornings only.
5562 Clayton Road, Concord, CA 94521
Phone: (925) 672-5800 * Fax: (925) 672-4606

Inside the: St. Francis of Assisi Church
860 Oak Grove Road, Concord, CA 94518
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
Operated by: St. Vincent de Paul (925) 682-5811
Mon-Thurs. 9 to 11 am,
Friday 1 to 3 PM, Sat. 9:30am to 11:30am

Christ the King Church
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
199 Brandon Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 682-2486

Queen of All Saints
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
2390 Grant St. (near Almond St.)
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 825-0350

Church of the Nazarene
For those who need food or assistance:
Call location first to confirm hours.
1650 Ashbury, Concord, CA
(925) 685-4343

Friday, January 4, 2019

January 2019 - FREE Admission Passes - San Francisco Bay Area Attractions and Museums . . .

First Full Weekend of the Month is upon us! January 2019

Field Trip Ideas? Visit one of the Bay Area's world class museums and local attractions.

First Weekend of the month has the most FREE Museum Admission opportunities. Many Museums host FREE days to the general public and are listed below. Bank of America Cardholders enjoy FREE Admission to many museums on the first full weekend of the month. Have fun. Be inspired. Below is a partial list. CLICK other Links for additional dates and venues.

CLICK HERE to explore Bank of America Cardholder FREE Admission Days

San Francisco Bay Area Museums & Gardens:

Oakland Museum is Free FIRST Sunday to the general public.
SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

Pier 39 San Francisco - Local Advantage Coupons: CLICK HERE

50% off coupons for many restaurants, shops, attractions at Pier 39.
(CLICK LINK - new coupons not yet announced for 2019)

Pier 39 San Francisco Parking Garage, FREE 1-Hour Parking Coupon: CLICK HERE

(CLICK LINK - new coupon not yet announced for 2019)

Pier 39 San Francisco Fun Pack PRINT Coupon,
Redeemable at Pier 39 Welcome Center. (New coupon not yet announced for 2019)

Aquarium of the Bay - 20% off Admission PRINTABLE Coupon

Asian Art Museum FREE First Sunday
SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

Contemporary Jewish Museum w/BofA card FREE First weekend
SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 and SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

de Young Fine Arts Museum of SF w/BofA card FREE First weekend

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 and SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

Legion of Honor w/BofA card FREE First weekend

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 and SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

San Jose Museum of Art w/BofA Card FREE First weekend

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 and SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

Tech Museum w/BofA Card FREE First weekend

SATURDAY, January 5, 2019 and SUNDAY, January 6, 2019

CuriOdyssey Museum - COMMUNITY FREE DAY to the general public
FRIDAY, January 25, 2019

Bay Area Discovery Museum - FREE First Wednesday, general public
WEDNESDAY, January 2, 2019

Napa Valley Museum - FREE Family Fun Days, 2nd Saturday of the Month.
SATURDAY, January 12, 2019

Exploratorium - FREE Community Day, general public
SATURDAY, February 2, 2019

California Academy of Sciences - Quarterly FREE Sundays
SUNDAY, February 11, 2018

As an added bonus, there are special FREE days at gardens, Regional Parks, Museums not normally advertised:

San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum (located at Golden Gate Park) - FREE Admission SECOND Tuesday of the month, general public
TUESDAY, January 8, 2019

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden - FREE Admission FIRST Wednesday of the month, general public
WEDNESDAY, January 2, 2019

John Muir National Historic Site - FREE ADMISSION seven days a week. Tour the historic fruit orchards and former home of Naturalist, John Muir.

Amazing Selection of DAILY FREE Passes through your local Library

CLICK HERE: DISCOVER and GO - Find your County. Entire list of Participating Counties.

CLICK HERE: Contra Costa County Library Discover & Go Partners and Offers.

CLICK HERE: Alameda County Library Discover & Go Partners and Offers.

The Lemon Lady's Favorite Lemon Bars...

Photo courtesy:

Ahh...what memories. Back when I was single and fancy free, before trading cookbooks for Dr. Seuss books, I lived and breathed from one dinner party to the next. Baking trays and trays of scrumptious desserts. A tried and true recipe from Cook's Illustrated still tops my list as an all-time favorite. Give it a try. Find a neighbor with a lemon tree. Glean a few for the food pantry. Make friends and bake yummy lemon bars!

From Cook’s Illustrated, May/June ’98.
The crust:
1 ¾ cups flour
2/3 cup powdered sugar, plus extra for decoration
¼ cup cornstarch
¾ tsp. salt
12 tbl. unsalted butter at very cool room temp., cut into 1-inch pieces

Lemon filling:
4 large eggs, beaten lightly*
1 1/3 cups granulated sugar
3 tbl. flour
1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest from 1 large lemon
2/3 cup juice from 3 large lemons, strained
1/3 cup whole milk
1/8 tsp. salt

*I prefer Extra Large Eggs, so if your eggs aren't very large, use 5 eggs, add a bit extra sugar and even more lemon juice to taste.

For the crust: Lightly butter a 13-by-9-inch baking pan and line with one sheet of parchment paper. Dot paper with butter and then lay a second sheet crosswise over the first.

Pulse flour, powdered sugar, cornstarch, and salt in food processor to blend. Add butter and process to blend, 8 to 10 seconds, then pulse until mixture is pale yellow and resembles coarse meal, about three 1-second bursts. Sprinkle mixture into lined pan and press firmly with fingers into even, ¼-inch layer over entire pan bottom and about ½ inch up sides. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, adjust oven rack to middle position and preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake crust until golden brown about 20 minutes.

For the filling: While crust is baking, whisk eggs, sugar and flour in a medium bowl then stir in lemon juice, zest, mile and salt to blend well.

To finish the bars: Reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees. Stir filling mixture to reblend; pour into warm crust. Bake until filling feels firm when touched lightly, about 20 minutes. Transfer pan to wire rack; cool to near room temperature, at least 30 minutes. Holding edges of parchment paper, lift whole cake out of pan and transfer to cutting board, fold paper down sides and cut into serving-size squares or bars, wiping knife clean between cuts. Sieve more powdered sugar over bars, if desired.

To find a food bank or local food pantry, zip code search, nationwide, CLICK HERE.