Thursday, May 7, 2009

40 Days, 5 Cents, Fresh On The Table...

Our delicious, nutritious garden fresh lunch. Disclaimer: Carrots and peas take a bit longer than 40 days. Seriously though, salad is super simple to grow. Any small container in the shade this time of year will serve a few salads sooner than you can say - Super Simple Salad five times fast!

Micro Greens are a gourmet treat, and can be served fresh in only 10 days.

French Breakfast Radishes are a thrill for toddlers to pull from the ground. Plant dozens, and save a few for pretty flowers as they go to seed in the hotter weather.

Chard can be planted thickly to harvest as baby greens for an added healthy addition to other salad greens. It also grows just fine in a small container garden.


  1. Any recomendation on cleaning lettuce. I rinse with cold water, but it always comes out wilted.

  2. Water the ground to give it a good drink before harvesting. Harvest in the morning when the weather is cooler. Cool the lettuce in the fridge before rinsing. When it chills for an hour or so, then rinse.

  3. And you don't need a fancy spinner to dry your lettuce... use an old cotton pillow case. Just put the lettuce in the pillowcase and swing it around gently for 30 seconds or more if you have alot of lettuce. Gently shake and voila!