Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seedling Donation Project Seeking Volunteers

I'm growing seedlings for donation to several community gardens in Concord. Combining efforts with another compassionate volunteer who has "adopted" a low-income area where children and families dream of a bountiful summer harvest. To date, we've delivered spinach, yellow crookneck squash, green zucchini, green beans, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, and peas. The garden is fully growing.
Also trying to start a brand new Garden Club at the Salvation Army in Concord. Hoping to share seedlings for donation. Perhaps families that may otherwise never be introduced to gardening can delight in the simple pleasure of watching a tomato grow ripe on the vine, or a green bean glisten in the hot summer sun. For those without ground, any vegetable can be grown in the right sized container.

Last week, a wonderful family in Concord purchased seedlings for this project. Another volunteer is growing over a hundred seedlings! The community has been very gracious in opening their hearts to Help Feed The Hungry and Grow a Garden. If a person is interested in volunteering, I can deliver seed growing trays, soil and seeds. I can pick them up when they are ready for transplant.

This is a non-profit venture I embarked upon for the joy of helping others, combining my interest in health/nutrition, seed collecting and eating home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Become inspired. Stop by a local garden center, grocery or drug store. Almost everywhere sells seeds this time of year. Find a few you like and maybe purchase a package just for the fun of growing. Either way, I can share seeds with you too. I'll donate the seed growing containers, and we'll grow a garden. Cool beans! :)


  1. k, got a bay window and a couple of seed trays. Do love your gardening blog, was thinking of doing something like this myself, but my ideas were becoming too complex.
    Just would like to know what to plant that would be of much use. My better half's grandfather used to start his seedlings, during the New York cold under flourescents, I used to start my seedlings under flourescents too, but that was for MJ, and unfortunately, am not doing that now.
    If you can inform me of what to grow for donateable purposes, consider them sprouting.
    My gardening blog thought, of whick I'll pass onto you is that "It is X month; Better start planting Y crop for Z produce and dishes in the coming months, here are some following recipes"

    -All my lecherous smiles to you

  2. NIce blog, and great idea. One thing, you might want to make the "comments" link larger so that it's emphasized more. Just this morning, I was thinking about how one of Concord's best assets is its gardens. It's why we moved here in 2000. BTW, I linked to you from

  3. Anna, I'm very excited as all of this takes off. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  4. Lauri,
    You're welcome. You and your fellow staff and volunteers at the Salvation Army - Kevin, Karen, Ruth, Susan, Ray are so warm and friendly, making it a pleasure to visit and deliver the fresh fruit. This is my calling.

    In my time of knowing The Salvation Army, I have come to know you all as very genuine, caring, hard-working servants unto others. Your dedication is amazing!

    Thank you for posting with a link to your website. I think that will enlighten others of your convenient FOOD PANTRY location to most neigbhorhoods in Concord.

  5. I just read another blog today that was promoting composting and growing your own pesticide free veggies...and while you're at it plant an extra row for a local shelter or foodbank...........Can you imagine....."Plant an extra row" sounds like a good promo slogan to me...I know I will !!!