Tuesday, October 6, 2009

California Garden Clubs, Inc. Honors and Commends Anna Chan...

Photo Courtesy of Mike Dunn
Anna Chan, The Lemon Lady with ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley and CGCI President Maryanne Lucas

Thank you Mayor of Claycord for being the first to report our local news!

From Claycord.com news site, posted by Mayor of Claycord.

"Anna Chan, otherwise known as the "Lemon Lady of CLAYCORD" has won an award!

Anna was recognized this weekend by the California Garden Clubs, Inc., here's why she was chosen for the award....

for service to community; for promoting the benefits of gardening; for tireless efforts to bring fresh, nutritious fruit to Contra Costa County's needy; and for dedication to furthering the goals held in common with the members of California Garden Clubs, Inc.

We first talked about Anna back in February, and since then she's been in the Clayton Pioneer, the Concordian, the Contra Costa Times, Diablo Magazine, on ABC7-TV & KGO-Radio, and I heard she might soon be in the Chronicle. She's also been mentioned countless times on "Mister Writer's" blog, as well as on "Crazy in Suburbia"

Listen to this! Since February, Anna and her daughter have collected over $60,000 in fresh fruit, and every single piece of it has gone to the people in our community who need it the most. I'm truly honored to call Anna my friend.

Anna's a wonderful person with a heart of gold, and we thank her for all she does for our community.

Hey, she has a blog too! Check it out by clicking HERE.

As always, thanks to "Radar" with the great picture of Anna with ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley and CGC President Maryanne Lucas!"

To contact California Garden Clubs, Inc.:

To learn about Kids Growing Strong:


  1. Hi Anna,
    Congradulations. I am glad others are telling you that too. Keep up the good work. We miss you but love to see you are doing great work for others.
    God Bless you,
    Kathy, Savanha, Katie Grace


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