Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Major Pam Gardner of The Salvation Army

Another eventful day in the life of a fruit harvester and gatherer. A heartfelt "Thank You" to the generous farmers at the Walnut Creek and Martinez Farmers' Markets who donated Fresh Produce To Feed The Hungry. God Bless the Farmers who labored to harvest this beautiful bounty. They too must support their own families, driving from far as Fresno to bring their harvest to market. Please visit the Farmers' Markets and support these humble farmers.

Amazing and dedicated Salvation Army staff and volunteers opened their doors Sunday evening to receive my truck load of freshly harvested produce donations.

On the far left of this photo is Major Pam Gardner. She is an inspirational woman in her own right, a humble and selfless servant unto others. God Bless The Salvation Army with their Food Pantry and endless outreach in our community!

“Hunger is a problem for the urban poor and the rural poor. Nobody should go to bed hungry.” David Englin

Photo Left to Right: Major Pam Gardner, Eleanor Pritchard, Susan Van Brocklin, Stella Cade, Anne Arnold

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