Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden

A very thoughtful person invited me to harvest Snap peas for donation to the food banks. Hooray, how exciting! In my process of searching google for garden location, etc...I clicked on some unrelated, yet fascinating information from the Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden.

I never knew this place existed. It appears to be located near the Mount Diablo Adult Education entrance, behind the Pleasant Hill Main Library. Pleasant Hill Insructional Garden is a 4000 square feet demonstration garden for water conservation and habitat restoration. I can't wait for some free time to check it out. I love volunteering, and I love viewing neighborhood gardens.

Please check out their website. They seem very dedicated to preserving and planting native species of plants. They also have a "wish list" of items, plants and volunteer opportunities to help in their garden. Perhaps our fellow gardening friends may have something to donate to this great cause! Visit...learn...take away some inspiring ideas!

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