Friday, January 15, 2010

Harvest House The Natural Food Store - Discount Coupons...

I found Harvest House coupons on the Contra Costa Times website. They expire January 31, 2010. I phoned Harvest House to find out if it is okay to print from my home computer for redemption in their store. They said yes. So, PRINT, shop healthy and save $.

Harvest House The Natural Food Store
2395 Monument Blvd., Concord, CA 94520
(888) 655-0728 or (925) 676-2305

Did you know there is a natural foods store in Concord? We never knew until a few years ago when searching for DHA supplements and Gripe Water for our colicky little Lemon Lady Jr.

Harvest House is located across the street from Costco on Monument Blvd., just past Detroit Avenue. They carry a wide selection of natural and bulk foods, vitamins, herbs and supplements, even a dairy and frozen food section. Fun to visit every few months! They have a website, email newsletter with other monthly promotions.

Costco Members 10% discount on Thursdays
Senior Citizens 10% discount on Tuesdays
Additional Coupons published first Tuesday of the month in the Contra Costa Times.


  1. I just saw your News Special below. Keep up the good work!

  2. This will cool....when i roll through there....I will use these ....Vary good job...Anna...thank you...If there is anyone out there that needs Quality work...Done on there House, carpet,Property,....Im a Handy man,Carpenter, nothing to large or small,Hauling,whatever, Insurance, and bonded....just trying to survive these times...thank you ....Anna if you don't like this than DELETE .....And im sorry...won't do it again...Thanx & God Bless

  3. I visit Harvest House! Is a great store. I buy products good for health!!