Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garden, Grow, Dream. Renee's Garden Seeds...

This is a beautiful line of dependable and unique seeds. I have loved spending hours delighting in the artwork and planting dozens of interesting seed varieties offered here. A few of my favorites from last year were: Vanilla Berry Nasturtiums, Pan-Pacific Stirfry Mix and the spectacular, climbing Trombetta di Albenga Squash.

Renee's Garden Seeds online catalog is always a source for dreaming and inspiration. So much to choose from, only so little land available...

Happy Gardening.

A few local retailers that carry Renee's Garden Seeds: Orchard Supply Hardware in Concord and Sloat Garden Center in Alamo.


  1. Sloat Garden Center does not sell Renee's Garden seeds. I was there today Feb 22, 2010