Saturday, January 16, 2010

$35,000 - Rewarding Community Service...

I can't help but wonder...

All these fundraisers for our basically bankrupt California School Districts. Save music. Save sports. Save our teachers. Save money. Budget cuts. Save the world.

As parents are reaching their maximum ability to donate money, wouldn't it be worth our while to submit a community service project to the True Hero Organization - Rewarding Community Service? This could net the non-profit several thousand dollars with very little effort. The application process wouldn't take ten minutes.

With the power of and other local media, we could work together and vote for our local service project. Remember when fueled online voters to click for $500.00 for their high school football team? Where do we go from here? If it's all about anyone up to the task?

According to True Hero's website, only 1,856 votes have been cast thus far, with prize money totalling over $35,000 to the highest ranked projects based on your online voting. Sounds like pretty good odds to me.


  1. You find the coolest things! Thanks for sharing them in your posts.