Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Free Guide for Freebies, Playgrounds, Hiking Trails, Museums, Resources and More...

From the website:
Our 2010 Family Navigator is here, with all the best places to go, things to see, and stuff to do with your family. new this year: A guide to Freebies in the Bay Area.

I can't say enough wonderful words about this excellent publication. Nothing on the internet even compares to this handy print edition. Never leave home without it!

Be sure to keep a copy of Bay Area Family Navigator in your car. It lists so many exciting activities in a convenient format, telephone numbers, maps and other details.

The secret to enriched living as a stay-at-home mom on a shoestring budget - is not to miss out on hundreds of Bay Area activities, from free museums, zoos, animal and theme parks, even free sailing on the Bay. While toddling around California, there is nothing more exciting than introducing our children to the wonderful world around us.

Buckle up baby, go exploring! While you're at it, find a fruit tree, make friends with a neighbor (It's easy!), and enjoy some fresh meyer lemons, sweet tangerines or navel oranges this time of year. A great way to bring healthy, super local, free fruit to your family's picnic table, with plenty left over for local food banks too! Call the Lemon Lady if you need help getting started. Happy trails. Happy Harvesting.

Love Lemons,

Where to pick up a free copy of Bay Area Parent, CLICK HERE.


  1. What a great reminder about what's really important as a family ... time!

  2. This is a cold dark world we are living in these day's and it's nice to see a person as yourself Reaching out and helping people in i see it's not getting any easier too survive...with many loseing homes,job's, retirement packages and so forth....May God bless you.....Lemon Lady....for your work is so needed by so many!!!! Thank you again