Monday, June 21, 2010

Weedy Greens, "The Great Recession's Latest Crop"...

A little known perk of shopping your favorite farmers' markets is a publication called Edible East Bay. It is free at the Market information table, as well as many other natural food stores, restaurants, and grocers.

This month, I find an article called "The Great Recession's Latest Crop." Check it out. You may find it interesting, many locally available greens are actually weeds! Fun article with recipes, written by a really nice lady, Jillian Steinberger from The Garden Artisan. Jillian donated beautiful organic vegetable seedlings to Concord's Children's Community Garden. The children very much appreciate your generosity! Thanks Jillian.

To find a copy of Edible East Bay Magazine, visit a local farmers' market.

For Contra Costa Certified Farmers Market schedules, CLICK HERE.

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To visit Jillian's website, CLICK HERE.