Monday, June 7, 2010

Westwood Elementary PFC, VP Katrina Fehring, Concord-Diablo Rotarian, Edi Birsan and The Lemon Lady: Community Effort Yields Fresh Oranges...

Photos Courtesy of Edi Birsan.

Westwood Elementary PFC, Vice President, Katrina Fehring and children.
Urban Fruit Gleaning, Concord, California

Edi Birsan, Rotarian, Urban Fruit Gleaner

A big round of applause for the efforts of a few noteworthy individuals helping to harvest local fruit for local causes.

Over the past year, I've received dozens of requests for fruit donations. My favorite reply: "Fruit grows on trees. Let's find a tree and harvest some fruit. It really is that easy."

Last week, Westwood Elementary PFC, Vice President, Katrina Fehring contacted "the lemon lady" to ask if I can donate fresh oranges to their Diabetes Walk-a-Thon. With only a few days until the event, I brainstormed in a hurry. I sent press releases out to local blogs and media. I contacted fruit tree owners who donated last year.

To my surprise, I received a telephone call today from a fruit tree owner with an abundance of ripe oranges. One thing led to another in the Lemon Lady Urban Fruit Matching Game.

Congratulations to Rotarian Edi Birsan, Westwood Elementary PFC, VP Katrina Fehring and children for being available on this hot (spring) day to harvest oranges for this worthy cause. Thank you also goes out to Dean, Orange Tree Donor from Concord. A coordinated effort yielded a sweet donation!

Cheers, Oranges and Smiles.
The Lemon Lady, Urban Fruit Gleaner

CLICK HERE for Concord-Diablo Rotarian/Urban Fruit Gleaner, Edi Birsan.


  1. Anna you are a matchmaker made in Heaven. Kudos to all you involve in feeding the hungry youve touched our lives and appreciate you. Thanks Rotarian Edi.

  2. Thank you Anna! My kids had a fabulous time picking! That evening we did some math problems to calculate how much of the Walk-A-Thon proceeds were saved by their fruit picking efforts. Great lesson. Thanks again for making it happen. -Katrina Fehring

  3. Thank you Katrina. This has always been my dream for community involvement. Glad you thought to call "the lemon lady." Wasn't it fun for the children? My toddler, Ava, just loves the outdoors and picking fruit. Great excercise, great math problems! Cool.

  4. They all looks so proud to be helping out.