Friday, June 25, 2010

Recycling Plastic Bottle Caps. Exciting program for schools...

Go green. Eco-friendly. Sustainability. Environmental Leadership. Be a faithful steward of the land.

I am a Mommy raising our daughter to protect and respect the environment. I wonder, what does it all mean? What can I do (what can we all do) to make our world a better place?

There are so many apartments and condos throughout California and beyond that have no curbside recycling programs. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of children who attend school every day, and have no idea what this simple, common idealogy really means?

Found this inspiring program through Aveda, a major make-up manufacturing company, that will work with your communities' schools to collect and recycle plastic bottle caps. Aveda will even provide mailing labels to send in the bottle caps. Any one of us can spearhead this great recycling program. It costs nothing but a little effort. Please, let's do our part today! If we don't set an example for our children, who will?

CLICK HERE for Recycle Caps with Aveda. I'd be curious to know if any of our local schools already do this? Feel free to write in. Thank you!

CLICK HERE for Concord, CA recycling guidelines and information.

CLICK HERE for an interesting Q/A about why many recycling centers do not accept plastic bottle caps.


  1. I saw the piece about this program in the CC Times a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it online. I was delighted that you were one of the first links when I googled "recyle bottle caps" the other day. I am going to see about implementing this program at my daughter's school.