Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean. How YOU can help...

PBS Newshour has a great discussion about "Plastic Pollution in the Ocean." CLICK HERE to read more. Does it really exist? What harm to marine and other wildlife does this plastic garbage debris create? What can any one of us do to reduce plastic garbage from entering landfills, polluting our world's oceans?

CLICK HERE for an interesting post about "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and links to New York Times Article with stunning photography of this massive vortex of floating junk twice the size of Texas, and only a thousand miles off the coast of California.

I emplore you to take action, at home, at school, in your own neighborhoods. Please read several articles I've authored about "Earth Day Every Day. Recycle Plastic Caps and Lids."

Thank you to the media and thoughtful journalists who continue to share this story. The Contra Costa Times, Danville Weekly and Pleasanton Weekly wrote about my Collection Container Giveaway, which resulted in thousands of emails from schools, teachers, parents, community and civic groups requesting collection containers! Thank you to all who continue to send me emails about this program. I am thrilled beyond imagine to know so many eco-conscious consumers wanting to make a difference - yet simply didn't know where or how to recycle plastic bottle caps and other plastic lids, (polypropylene #5.)

YOUR simple action can potentially keep millions of plastic caps and other debris from landfills. Save the caps. Save the oceans. It all begins with the power of one individual. Won't you please help?

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To learn more about where to recycle these plastic caps and lids:


  1. Anna,

    I wanted to share this Blog with you. I followed the SEAPLEX expedition last year. It was really scary to see so much plastic floating in our beautiful oceans.

    I'm still saving caps for you.