Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is technology a good investment for schools? Can a student you know use $1,000?

This is a fun opportunity for any high schooler to write a 300 word essay and possibly win a grant of $1,000. Easy as pie! Easier than proramming the DVR. Sharpen your pencils...and get writing!

"Technology costs money. School budgets are tight. Samsung Techwin America is asking students across America to write an essay on the topic of technology as an investment in education. We want to hear what high school students think about the ramifications of spending on education technology as well as alternative ways to invest a school district's limited budget."

Last year, a student from Vacaville, California was one of several winners. How about someone from Concord, Clayton, Martinez, Pleasant Hill or another nearby town? Good luck students out there!

To enter the 2010 Samsung Technology Grant contest, CLICK HERE.

For last year's winning scholarship recipients, CLICK HERE.

Just like picking lemons...if WE do nothing, nothing will ever get done. Let's encourage our youth to invest in our community and make this world a better place. Here's a thousand dollar incentive!

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