Friday, May 7, 2010

$2,500 to Keep your Community Beautiful...

My favorite saying...If WE do nothing, nothing will ever get done. I welcome those who wish to lend a hand, or a few words on a grant application. :) Have a beautiful day!

From Graffiti Hurts dot org:

"Any of the following groups are eligible to apply for a Graffiti Hurts® grant:

Nonprofit, Civic, and Community Organizations

Includes neighborhood groups (e.g., Neighborhood Watch), crime prevention associations, civic clubs or organizations, and other nonprofit groups.

Youth Groups/Schools

Includes any group of youth such as Girl/Boy Scouts, 4-H, Girls/Boys Clubs, YW/YMCAs, and students in a class, grade or school club.

Government Agencies

Includes city, county, state and federal government agencies, or subdivisions within these agencies (e.g., department of public works), and police departments or other law enforcement."


  1. I love your "favorite sayings"...

  2. why don't you stick to picking lemons?

  3. Anna-
    You are my hero! I cannot thank you enough for what you do for the world. Your message is helping so many poor. You will never know how many millions of pounds of fruit will reach the doorsteps of need all because of you. Anna is a modern day Mother Theresa. God Bless you and family.