Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Word for the day: Vermicomposting...

Gotta love it! I clicked on over to CBS 5 Eye on Blogs and learned that San Francisco is making it illegal not to compost. Imagine that?

We can do more on this side of the Bay too. Word for the day: Vermicomposting. Look it up. Try something new. Your toddler will love it too. Mine does. We have Mommy worms, Daddy worms, baby worms and more at our house.

Happy rotten Banana peels to you.


  1. Vermicomposting is such a fascinating activity for the whole family and it allows you to contribute in saving our planet too!

  2. what does it mean???? I'd like to know that. Pleeeaaase

  3. I so love composting, like girl. So cool, so cool. Everybody should do it. Just try it. I would know because I'm the coolest girl in my high school, Satellite High!!