Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homegrown, Gourmet Salad greens for your Thanksgiving Day Feast...

The Lemon Lady's Homegrown salad greens

Garden project for today: Scatter seeds. Reap tasty rewards in time for your Thanksgiving Day celebration. With just over a month remaining, there's plenty of time to grow a delightful array of homegrown greens.

Remember too, that children LOVE gardening. Visit your local library and find dozens of great books to inspire you. Order FREE SEED CATALOGS and spend the winter learning, dreaming about gardening. YOU are your child's first teacher.

CLICK HERE to go to the Contra Costa County Library catalog website.

Seed companies provide excellent assortments of lettuce and green seed mixes. Just scatter seeds, sun and rain, in no time at all, you're a Master Gardener! Baskets full of gourmet greens. You'll be the envy of all the Holiday parties. Try planting French Breakfast Radishes. Pink and white icicles of brillant color will match the candycane decor just so perfectly.

If you're down to the wire on time, Got 10 days? - Grow micro greens. Great if patience isn't your virtue. Well worth the power packed nutrition punch! Sunset Magazine wrote the perfect article "Easy-grow micro greens." Ten days. Seriously. Super cool!

So, power down the computer. Walk, skip, hop or jog to your nearest garden store. Grab some seeds and Let's Get Growing!

If you live in the Claycord area and are in need of seeds, soil, or growing containers, please contact The Lemon Lady. I'll be happy to donate these items to get you started. Just call or email: or 510.406.1625.


  1. Anna,
    I'm impressed with your work and accomplishments. When I was living in the bay area - when I had a big backyard, I was an avid gardener.

    I'm so glad that you visited my blog page, so that I could discover your blog.