Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Composting...So easy, even Oscar the Grouch can do it!

The best way to amend poor soil is to start your very own garden compost! Toss nutrient rich kitchen scraps into the compost pile, instead of into the garbage can. Be kind to Mother Earth, and reduce waste. The Environmental Protection Agency has great composting information on their website.

There are many Bay Area Workshops on how easy home composting really is. Even if you live in an apartment, a small worm box can do the job! The Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (CCCSWA) sponsors upcoming classes in several cities throughout the year. Click HERE for the 2010 schedule. All classes are FREE of charge!

A few upcoming dates:

07/07/2010, Walnut Creek, 9-10:30a.m.
Composting Vermicompost
Heather Farms Community Center

07/16/2010, Walnut Creek, 10-11:30a.m.
Composting Vermicompost
Contra Costa Times Garden

07/24/2010, San Ramon
Composting Vermicompost
Crow Canyon Gardens

08/10/2010, Walnut Creek
Composting Vermicompost
Heather Farms Community Center

08/22/2010, Danville
Composting Vermicompost
Navlet's Garden Center

08/28/2010, Moraga
Composting Vermicompost
Moraga Hardware Lumbar

Excellent rebates are available to CCCSWA customers who purchase composting or vermicomposting bins through the CCCSWA. I spoke with Ashley at the CCCSWA and she told me about the rebates. She was very knowledgeable about their composting programs, helpful and pleasant to speak with. Give her a telephone call, at (925) 906-1801 or email: Ashley@wastediversion.org with questions.

"We have two different types. We sell the Norseman Earth Machine and the Smith and Hawkin BioStack (one of the most popular bins). The BioStack is normally around $130.00. We sell this bin, with shipping and tax included, for $53.04. The Norseman sells for $39.00, and can be picked up at the Walnut Creek Recycling Center."

Oscar the Grouch says:
"Please don't throw banana peels in the garbage. Thank you."