Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edi Birsan - The Pulse of Concord. NEW July Survey!

The new JULY survey is here!

PLEASE take a few seconds and complete this short survey.

CLICK HERE to take the NEW survey.

From our friend, Edi Birsan. In the Summer, Edi will be running for Concord City Council. This survey is very important to him and to our community.

Edi advises that:

“The Pulse of Concord is designed to be a quick 10 question survey of perspectives, issues, concerns or simply snap shots of the Concord views.

The first round of questions came from walking around talking to people after the budget workshops and at various community gatherings in the course of my campaign for Concord City Council. From the responses I will be gathering a panel of people to help craft questions. All of this will develop a greater profile of what makes people’s blood pressure pump here as well as explore perceptions of our community."

CLICK HERE to take the NEW survey!
Thank you.


  1. Hey folks,
    I would appreciate you all taking the survey as I want to get a good cross section of the community blogs. We have tried hard to make the question neutral and not drive a particular point or bias the question because we are truly interested in the answers.
    EdiBirsan AT astound DOT net