Monday, April 12, 2010

How to recycle makeup and other empty cosmetic containers, jars - any brand, any company...

This makes perfect sense! I'm so excited I found the "Return To Origins Recycle Program." I hope you share the thrill of knowing where to take old make-up containers, cosmetic, toiletry bottles, tubes, caps, and jars. (The unknown plastics, often not accepted in curbside collection.)

Think of all the blush, mascara, foundation, compacts, concealer, lipstick tubes, facial scrubs, creams, and a million assorted cosmetic bottles and tubes that fill our beauty and medicine cabinets - and our landfills!

Any Brand. Every Brand. Take them all to Origins.

Origins Stores are located in many Macy's Department Stores in our Bay Area, California and other locations nationwide. CLICK HERE for ZIP CODE SEARCH for an Origins Store near you.

Happy Recycling. Be beautiful...and keep our Earth beautiful too.

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  1. Tried bringing stuff to Origins in Macy's 34th St, they said they do not do it there, not sure if they meant they do not collect in this location. If this is the case not all Origin's locations would actually participate in the recycling.

  2. Dear Anon. 8/24,
    I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank you for writing to me about this. If you read this, please feel free to send an email directly to me.

    I will definitely follow up with Origins. I think it is kind of crummy if they advertise on their corporate website, yet the "any store" location doesn't handle it. This should not be happening. Thank you again. I'll update my blog as soon as I hear more.

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