Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anyone believe in Random Acts of Kindness? Volunteers Needed...

Volunteers Needed to distribute "Fruit Tree Flyers." See a fruit tree, drop a fruit tree flyer.

For a FREE Fruit Tree Flyer:

CLICK HERE for my previous post about Random Acts of Kindness.

CLICK HERE for How to Save the World One little lemon at a time.

CLICK HERE to view a sample Fruit Tree Flyer.

What if you were poor and hungry? Would the Easter Bunny bring fresh fruit with those pretty-colored eggs? What does Easter mean to you? Will Easter inspire a giving spirit this season? I hope and I wonder...

Do you know that children in our very own neighborhoods do not have access to fresh fruit at Springtime, Summer, Fall, and Winter. (These are facts.) The bountiful harvests line our urban sidewalks, yet children are starving in our very own neighborhood. Food pantries rarely receive fresh fruit donations. What are YOU going to do about it? Won't you join me today? Any Town, USA. We can help bring fruit to food banks. Ask me how.

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