Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seeking Volunteers. Plant seeds. Open your hearts...

I'm growing seedlings for donation to several community gardens throughout Contra Costa County. Perhaps families that may otherwise never be introduced to gardening can delight in the simple pleasure of growing all year long under the California autumn sun. For those without ground, any vegetable can be grown in the right sized container.

Let us open our hearts. Help Feed The Hungry and Grow a Garden. If a person is interested in volunteering, I can deliver seed growing trays, soil and seeds. I can pick them up when they are ready for transplant. It may take only one hour of your time and a few weeks of watering as a committment. I can truly use the help - I can't do it all alone...forever.

This is a non-profit venture I embarked upon for the joy of helping others, combining my interest in health/nutrition, seed collecting and eating home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Become inspired. Stop by a local garden center. Many places still sell seeds this time of year. Find a few you like and maybe purchase a package just for the fun of growing. Either way, I can share seeds with you too. I'll donate the seed growing containers, and we'll grow a garden!
Telephone: 510.406.1625

Consider ording FREE Seed Catalogs for further inspiration.


  1. Hi anna,its me Smokey, My wife and I are interested...Ill Call the # there

  2. Thank you Smokey. It is always nice to hear when someone else is interested in helping others. This really is such an easy thing to do - but requires a lot of my attention and time on such a large scale. EVERY PERSON helping is a blessing and inspires me to believe that our city does have angels behind the scenes. I hold onto hope!