Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Garden Clubs: Clayton Valley, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek...

Soil cups, seeds wrapped in paper for donation to children. Nasturtiums are wonderful example flowers on how to save and collect seeds.

Thank you for visiting my website. You will find interesting information about local gardens I am donating time and supplies. I originally started all my volunteer projects as a self-funded, one-woman campaign against hunger.

In my adventures, I have met the most fascinating, kind and generous folks. Hundreds of neighbors have donated fresh, locally grown produce through my harvesting efforts, exceeding 9,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables since February.

I am thrilled to make acquaintances with the local Garden Clubs. One very important way you can help is to grow vegetable seedlings for donation to many community gardens around Contra Costa County. I can assure you, the need for donated seedlings will never run out. Children and families will delight in homegrown, nutritious produce year-round.

Click HERE to read about my Seedling Donation Project.

Another simple garden craft project that I have assembled, and you can too. Cups filled with potting soil wrapped in plastic wrap, a few seeds of different vegetables with stick markers to give to children. We can use unlimited amounts of those. I have crafted several hundred for donation already, and would definitely appreciate the help to deliver more around town.

I also have a need for nasturtium seeds! Please save those.

Happy Gardening, and be sure to read the Contra Costa Times newspaper on Saturday, July 18, 2009. Reporter Laura Casey visited The Lemon Lady at the Children's Community Garden in Concord, and another location to harvest fresh peaches for donation to the local food pantries.

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Please drop me a line at:

The Lemon Lady

Please CLICK HERE to learn about Monument Community Gardens Action Team. I have donated many seedlings there too.

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