Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An exciting day with ABC News Reporters!

Concord Resident, Bonnie Wright with Laura Anthony, ABC
News Reporter and Randy Davis, ABC Photojournalist/Editor.

Bonnie originally met Anna, The Lemon Lady through an
article by Andre' Gensburger in The Concordian Newspaper.

The community was first introduced to Anna, The Lemon Lady
through Contra Costa County's best blog for breaking news:

Other talented reporters such as Walnut Creek's Soccer Mom
over at crazyinsuburbia, and The Clayton Pioneer Newspaper
continue to report inspiring local news stories.

While filming The Lemon Lady fruit harvesting at a
Concord loquat tree, we met an excited fan of ABC News.

Laura Anthony was so gracious to pose for photos with
an admiring fan!

Please watch for an upcoming Interview on Channel 7
ABC Television News. Thank you ABC news reporters
for covering this worthy hunger cause and how The
Lemon Lady brings fresh fruit and vegetable donations
to local food pantries in Concord.

The Lemon Lady has recently visited The Salvation Army,
Monument Crisis Center, and SHARE Food Pantry.


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