Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ava Gardener's Playground in June...

Pole French Filet Beans climbing corn stalks.

Just a corner of Corn, Sunflowers, Scarlett Runner Beans, Blue Lake Beans, Pole Filet Beans, Soybeans, Nasturtiums, Ronde de Nice, Green Zucchini, Yellow Crookneck Squash, Lemon Cucumber, Purple Peppers, White Patty Pan Squash, Eight Ball Squash, Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Coriander, Stevia, Italian Parsley...

Corn is growing lovely.

Brandywine and Amana Orange tomatoes.


  1. Anna - what are you doing about watering? Just curious with the cut backs and fines if you use too much water. Luckily, it has been a cool June.

  2. Anna and friend.

    If you give your child a bath in a tub use that water it is perfectly fine for you plants.
    I find a lot of people with kids have left over juice, pop, or water bottles. Still good for your plants. Do you have left over coffee in the pot or tea? Even from that cold cup you for got to drink. I not only use them to water but the coffee grounds and tea bags I put in my garden to help the soil. I have even read that dish water is safe. I have never tried it but its all recycling.
    Plums are ready on the trees too. When would be a good time to take them in to the food shelf?

  3. Canterbury.Villager,
    I haven't noticed an increase yet. I'll keep you posted. I do water conservatively, mulch around the plants, amend the soil with lots of ocmpost which also helps to retain water. Even a small increase in a water bill would easily pay for the cost of the vegetables at a market. So, there is a trade off and a silver lining.

    Yes, there are many ideas to conserve and reuse water. There are storage containers available and piping systems which are relatively inexpensive to route grey water to a garden area. I haven't installed them yet, but have researched and considered someday.

    ANY FRUIT, ANY TIME can be walked directly into a local pantry. The three in Concor that I'm familiar with are The Salvation Army, Monument Crisis Center, and SHARE Food Pantry located at Willow Pass/Parkside Drive.

    Of course I can help you deliver them. Kathy, you know my home address...please put a box on my porch any time day/night. Anyone else, please telephone me at (510) 406-1625 or email: Thanks!