Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nasturtiums from our garden

Nasturtiums are gorgeous and easy to grow flowers. All leaves and petals of the flower are edible. The petals look lovely atop a fresh salad, adding color and elegance with a peppery flavor. (Sunset Magazine wrote about this too.) We chose Nasturtiums for planting because it is child-friendly, not poisonous. The seeds look like tiny raisins, and they prefer poor soil, no fertilizer. Great for growing in rocky dry Clayton soil.

All local garden centers sell Nasturtiums: Navlet's, K-mart, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Rite-Aid, Long's Drugs, Orchard Supply Hardware. Though I did find some unique varieties, vanilla buttercream and mahogany colored from Renee's Garden Seeds, I found Renee's Garden Seeds at OSH on Monument, and at Long's Drugs on Treat Blvd.

Check out Sunset Magazine. There are 28 articles written about growing and eating nasturtiums. Some gorgeous photography. I could read all day...but I must go garden!


  1. If anyone needs motivation to enjoy nature, your site is the one to learn from. The world news gives us a need to get away from it all. Nurturing growing things is soothing to our souls.