Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Urban Farm Magazine and other Awards, Media Featuring The Lemon Lady...

Urban Farm Magazine Summer 2010 - Nationwide, on newsstands

In a few short years: Over 200+ TONS of produce collected valued at over $500,000, tens of thousands of needy individuals served fresh fruits and vegetables through the grassroots efforts of "the lemon lady" hunger mission, Community Gardens, Food Bank Awareness, engaging the community and influencing others nationwide to join the hunger cause.

Thank you to the Media, Members of Rotary, Garden Clubs, Neighbors, Food Banks, Food Pantries, Contra Costa Certified Farmers Markets, Pacific Coast Farmers' Markets and all the dedicated volunteers I've met along the way! A special thanks to the generous Farmers who showed their faith and trust in me by donating food to feed the poor. Farmers grow the food to feed the world!


For volunteer opportunities, please email me:
(510) 406-1625
(925) 672-1988


CLICK HERE for NATIONWIDE FOOD BANK search by zip code

Edible East Bay Magazine and Farmers' Markets...

Lemons are such a cheery color. I just had to find out what the article was all about. Edible East Bay Magazine is a little known perk at the local farmers' markets. A fun magazine I do enjoy. It is available free at our local farmers' markets and other fine merchants.

Over the years, I've been delighted to see many of my favorite farmers and artisan friends featured throughout the pages of this truly fine (local) publication. Pick up a copy on Sunday at the Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Market in Walnut Creek or on Tuesday at the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market in Concord's Todos Santos Plaza.

To find a copy of Edible East Bay Magazine, visit a local farmers' market.

Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Market schedules, CLICK HERE.

Pacific Coast Farmers' Market schedules, CLICK HERE.

Farmers' Markets throughout California, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L is for Lemonade - DONATE FRUIT...

I thought this vintage lemonade stand was so darling. The family wasn't out yet so I knocked on their door to introduce myself. This would have been so cute to take Ava and visit with the neighborhood kids. Maybe next time.

Donate lemons and other fruits to local food pantries.

FREE Pick-up and delivery! Happy Harvesting.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

KQED Women's History Hero 2010

Anna Chan is an amazing Mother on a mission to save the world, one little lemon at a time. With a passion that all children deserve fresh fruit at their table, it shocked Anna to find neighborhood fruit rotting to the ground all the while families in her very own community are going hungry. In her grassroots efforts, Anna has spent countless hours knocking on fruit tree owners' doors, distributing flyers, asking them to share with the poor. She harvests the fruit herself and delivers to local food pantries. She also networks with farmers for leftover market donations. In the first year, Anna's efforts yielded $100,000 worth of fresh produce to local hunger relief organizations. She soon realized this forgotten urban harvest spans across America. She is hoping to inspire others that one person can truly make a difference to those less fortunate. It all begins somewhere. One Person. One tree at a time.
Anna furthers her outreach by public speaking, community gardening, and publishing, which has become a respected Community Resource, emphasizing Food Education, the value of whole, fresh foods, gardening, the needs of our community food banks and the population they serve. Readers will find inspiring ways to reward volunteers in their own community, step-by-step instructions and sample flyers to promote the cause, or start your own fruit collecting adventures, Any Town, USA. Anna hopes to partner with other service organizations to further the cause "flyers on fruit trees, fruit to food banks." If we see a tree with fruit rotting to the ground and do nothing, then nothing will ever get done. Publicity is the only way to reach others far away.

For outstanding volunteer service and selfless commitment to the hunger cause, Anna, "The Lemon Lady" has been recognized in dozens of media, honored with a special Commendation from California Garden Clubs, Inc., a prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service and KQED Public Broadcasting Women's History Hero 2010.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donate Books! Or, Buy Books at Concord Library Spring Book Sale in April...

Do you have any old books just gathering dust around the house?
This is a perfect opportunity to make a real difference in our Concord Community. DONATE TO THE LIBRARY. The Friends of the Concord Library accept book donations from your home collection. In turn, they are sold at Library Book Sales to raise funds for special programs at the Concord Library. The library book sales are an awesome time to purchase gently used books at incredible prices, most books $.50-$1.00, children's books $.25.

Have you visited the Library lately? SEARCH EVENTS to find magic shows, puppet shows, arts and crafts events, special guest speakers and dozens of other exciting programs for children and adults. Free use of computers and internet. Open a book. Visit the Library. There's a great big world out there.

DONATE BOOKS, please. If you have books to donate, you may bring them directly to the Concord Library year round, or I'd be happy to pick up and deliver for you. Your donation is tax deductible. CLICK HERE for more information, or to join the Concord Friends of the Library Foundation.

SPRING BOOK SALE IS APRIL 28th - 30th, Concord Library 2900 Salvio Street, Concord, California. CLICK HERE for times/details.

In the meantime, DONATE BOOKS. Recycle your old books.

The Concord Community needs our support. Thank you.
(510) 406-1625

Find a Food Pantry. Donate Fruits and Veggies. Free Pick-up and Delivery...

Contra Costa County: Concord, Clayton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Mt. Diablo Country.

The beautiful summer growing season brings abundant harvests for many backyard gardeners.

Are you a gardener or urban farmer with too much of a good thing? A ton of tomatoes, a zillion zukes or cukes, beans coming out of your ears? One tomato, two tomato, three? Apples, oranges, lemons and more. Did you know that food banks, pantries, shelters and soup kitchens NEED your fresh fruit and produce? Food pantries accept homegrown fruit and produce. Easy as pie!

Call the Lemon Lady for immediate pick-up and delivery.

I deliver homegrown produce to local food pantries who feed the hungry. Chances are I have pick-ups and helpers in your neighborhood too. If you need boxes, I can even donate boxes.

Grow it. Glean it. Box it. Porchside pickup seven days a week! "Lettuce" feed those less fortunate throughout our community.

Daily pick up and delivery to food pantries throughout Contra Costa County. Call today!
(510) 406-1625

I also create FREE websites to help food pantries increase outreach and donations. CLICK HERE for information on FREE non-profit websites.

Find a Food Bank or Food Pantry, Nationwide: CLICK HERE.

Find a Food Pantry in Concord, California:

Food Pantries in Contra Costa County. Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. Food Banks in California through the California Association of Food Banks. Food Pantries Nationwide through Feeding America.