Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You are invited. Monday, May 3, 2010 - Concord Human Relations Commission...

Congratulations to this years Honorees! These deserving individuals and organizations inspire us and fill our community with hope.

The Concord
Human Relations Commission
Cordially invites you to the
23rd Annual
Awards & Recognition
Monday, May 3, 2010
in the Council Chambers
1950 Parkside Drive, Concord
7:00 pm
Reception to follow

For information call (925) 671-3327

The HRC meeting will be televised live on Comcast: Channel 28 and Astound Broadband: Channel 29 in Concord and Clayton only.

It will be rebroadcast throughout the week and the schedule can be viewed on the web at:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday is 31 Cent Scoop Night, Baskin-Robbins...

Ice-cream. Ice-cream. We all scream for ice-cream! This is a sweet treat, Wednesday, April 28th, 2010, 5 p.m - 10 p.m. Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night.

CLICK HERE for further details.

Thanks George and Lynda for the tip! Ava loves ice-cream. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Urban Farm Magazine, Summer 2010...When Life Gives You Lemons, Give Back...

Article written by Lisa Kivirist / Photos By John Ivanko
Urban Farm Magazine

"One woman inspires hope, community and change by foraging."

Find a Lemon Lady article in the newest edition of Urban Farm Magazine, Summer 2010. Pages 28-32. Purchase a copy at fine bookstores and garden centers Nationwide on display until August 2, 2010 or online at Urban Farm's website, affiliated with the magazine Hobby Farms.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Urban Farmers in Concord. Yay! Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale, Saturday April 24th...

Something exciting going on in Concord. Kelley and Arti are urban farmers in our very own neighborhood. Visit their blog. Stop by their greenhouse, just off of Clayton Road, a few houses in on 5th Street. Happy tomatoes!

In front of house
1550 5th Street, Concord, California
Saturday, April 24, 2010
8:30am - 12:00pm

From Kelley:

Dear Family and Friends,

My business partner, Arti, and I have been busy growing hundreds of tomato plants in 24 varieties this spring.

We have been selling at a local Farmer's Market since April 11. However, we want to reach more people, so we added a sale at the greenhouse this weekend. Details are at right -->

Feel free to share this information. Please see our blog for additional details on our new venture.
Hope to see you soon -- Kelley

P.S. For those of you out of the area, this is a good reason to visit :)
Visit us online at:

The Earth is Mine...

Photo taken in July 2008 - hard to imagine my little Ava Earth Hero was only a year and a half old!

Please be inspired and keep plastic bottle caps and other lids out of landfills. How to recycle PLASTIC bottle caps and other plastic lids: CLICK HERE. Earth Day Every Day.

Happy Earth Day today and always!
Aprill 22, 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A year of giving. Just a Mommy, hoping to make a difference in the world...

Click on any logo - link to news story:

FDA report about Bisphenol A, January 2010...Is the risk worth it to you?

Photo courtesy:

Think. Research. Wonder. Recycle. Conserve.

There are many reasons for reducing our bottled water consumption. Conservation. Expense. One concerning issue that comes to mind is a chemical found in many plastics: Bisphenol A.

Is the risk worth it to you?

CLICK HERE for recent, January 2010 updated FDA report about Bisphenol A (BPA)

CLICK HERE to read "Plastic Water Bottles May Pose Health Hazard", Discovery Channel, Discovery News article.

CLICK HERE to read "What's BPA and Do I really need a new water bottle?"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. What are you waiting for?...

Earth Day is almost here!
Do you wish to make a difference on Earth Day - Every Day!

The photo above is only what our family has collected in the past month. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE and see greater detail.

CLICK CUTE RACCOON for ALL articles I've written about Earth Day Every Day. Recycle Plastic Caps and Lids.

Are you recycling YOUR plastic caps and lids yet?

Everything from mayonnaise jars, salad dressing, peanut butter, shampoo, laundry detergent, milk, juice, water bottles and a million other plastic caps and lids that litter our landfills.

Does your City Curbside Recycler actually recycle these items? Have you actually inquired? Some do, many do NOT. Don't just take my word for it - please do your own research.

Amazing to see all that would have otherwise gone to landfill. Imagine what we can do if more people become inspired. This is one person making a difference. It all begins with one person. Won't you please join us?

For a collection container:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps. Our Community Cares. Won't you please join us?

Mommy, Daughter project for today and forever...

We recently learned our town of Clayton, California curbside recycling does not accept plastic bottle caps. So, Ava and I assembled collection cans to share with neighbors and friends. Our goal is to collect caps (lots of caps!) and send them off for recycling.

Earth Day is April 22, 2010. It is never too early and never too late to make a difference in the world. We're shooting for the stars. Won't you please join us?

Please contact me for an MS Word Document of this flyer. Or, if you prefer, I can drop a collection can at your home or office.

Cell: 510.406.1625

CLICK HERE for a related post about Recycling Bottle Caps. You can start your own program Any Town, USA.

Like to color or know a child who does?
CLICK HERE for a Fun and Educational Recycle Caps with Aveda Coloring Page.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember Administrative Professionals Day, next week April 18-24...

Administrative Professionals Week is April 18-24.
Administrative Professionals Day is April 18th.

To all the Boss's Out There:

Remember the hard-working, dedicated, over-achieving, Secretaries and office workers in your life! All week, next week. :)

CLICK HERE for "Recommendations to Employers," a handy list of how to Honor your Administrative Professionals.

Also found this neat Administrative Excellence Award, a nice way to support your Administrative Hero. In partnership with Office Team and International Association of Administrative Professionals. A few of the award prizes: $500.00, a lap-top computer and a trip to Boston. Woohoo! Nominations accepted by April 30, 2010.

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the flyer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to recycle makeup and other empty cosmetic containers, jars - any brand, any company...

This makes perfect sense! I'm so excited I found the "Return To Origins Recycle Program." I hope you share the thrill of knowing where to take old make-up containers, cosmetic, toiletry bottles, tubes, caps, and jars. (The unknown plastics, often not accepted in curbside collection.)

Think of all the blush, mascara, foundation, compacts, concealer, lipstick tubes, facial scrubs, creams, and a million assorted cosmetic bottles and tubes that fill our beauty and medicine cabinets - and our landfills!

Any Brand. Every Brand. Take them all to Origins.

Origins Stores are located in many Macy's Department Stores in our Bay Area, California and other locations nationwide. CLICK HERE for ZIP CODE SEARCH for an Origins Store near you.

Happy Recycling. Be beautiful...and keep our Earth beautiful too.

CLICK HERE for all articles I've written about Earth Day Every Day. Recycle Plastic Caps and Lids. Or, click the cute raccoon on the lefthand sidebar of this blog.

There's so much more to this story! CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fee Free Days - National Parks Service...

■April 17-25, 2010
(National Park Week)
■September 25, 2010
(Public Lands Day)
■November 11, 2010
(Veterans Day)

Inspire, wonder, appreciate the beauty of our National Parks. More important than free days, create family memories. Locally, some attractions can be visited in only a short afternoon. John Muir National Historic Site, Martinez, CA. Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site, Danville, CA. Port Chicago Naval Magazine, Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA.

How to Plant a Garden...

How to Plant a Garden by my little Ava Gardener.

See it grow? We need organic plant food. Seeds are so tiny. Oh, no! I hit that bug. Is that a good bug or a bad bug?

Happy Gardening. Happy Spring.

Monday, April 5, 2010

One more reason to recycle plastic caps. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch...

Photo courtesy of:

CLICK Photo to see greater detail.

The remains of a Laysan Albatross chick which was fed plastic by its parents resulting in death.

Look at those plastic bottle caps and lids. And a felt tip pen marker? My, oh my! Well, this is confirmation that small steps really can change the world. Are you interested in recycling caps and lids?

Many curbside recyclers do not recycle this particular type of plastic item. CLICK HERE to read other related posts about "Earth Day Every Day. Recycle Plastic Caps and Lids. Go Greener with The Lemon Lady."

For a collection container and flyer:

CLICK HERE for an interesting post about "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and links to New York Times Article with stunning photography of this massive vortex of floating junk twice the size of Texas, and only a thousand miles off the coast of California.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anyone believe in Random Acts of Kindness? Volunteers Needed...

Volunteers Needed to distribute "Fruit Tree Flyers." See a fruit tree, drop a fruit tree flyer.

For a FREE Fruit Tree Flyer:

CLICK HERE for my previous post about Random Acts of Kindness.

CLICK HERE for How to Save the World One little lemon at a time.

CLICK HERE to view a sample Fruit Tree Flyer.

What if you were poor and hungry? Would the Easter Bunny bring fresh fruit with those pretty-colored eggs? What does Easter mean to you? Will Easter inspire a giving spirit this season? I hope and I wonder...

Do you know that children in our very own neighborhoods do not have access to fresh fruit at Springtime, Summer, Fall, and Winter. (These are facts.) The bountiful harvests line our urban sidewalks, yet children are starving in our very own neighborhood. Food pantries rarely receive fresh fruit donations. What are YOU going to do about it? Won't you join me today? Any Town, USA. We can help bring fruit to food banks. Ask me how.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apples for teachers. Short on classroom funding?

There's so much we can do to encourage our youth and support our community. (Even in tough times!) Just like with fresh fruit to food banks - think outside the box.

Anyone know an educator who can use a little extra classroom funding? 100 awards ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. Hurry! CLICK HERE. 30 days to entry deadline.

Best of Success in all you do this week.

If you have any apples or oranges, call The Lemon Lady.

(510) 406-1625

For other inspiring GRANTS and CONTESTS, CLICK HERE.