Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Searching for Olive Trees. Donate Olives...

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, taken by Nick Fraser in 2005

This year, I am organizing an Olive Harvest. We hope to experiment with Salt-Cured Olive Preservation. Donate Olives. Forage for local trees! If you have an olive tree, or know of a neighbor who does, please SHARE this mission and call on me.

To join the Olive Harvest, please send an email indicating your interest.
Thank you!

Cell: (510) 406-1625
Office: (925) 672-1988

HOBBY FARM MAGAZINE has a great article "Olives to Olive Oil":

A simple recipe for Salt-Cured Olives:
by Italian Chef / Teacher / Cookbook Author, Divina Cucina

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog 2013...

2013 Pure Seed Book published by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Most people have no idea these fantastic catalogs are mailed out for free, upon request.

I love Baker Creek's new online catalog viewing. Wow! Gorgeous photos. Ooh.. Aah... Spectaular, full-page, full-color photos. What will I grow this year? What will you grow this year?

CLICK HERE to peruse the online catalog. I warn you...garden temptation awaits you. You may even call in sick tomorrow to stay home and play farmer!