Monday, February 16, 2015

Online Garage Sales - Shop & Sell Concord / Clayton / Walnut Creek, California...

A tip for my local friends. Something I've been having quite a bit of fun with lately...and making a few extra dollars selling accumulated household items, children's toys and clothing.

If you have a Facebook account and wish to join a private, exclusive (closed) group of over 1800 members, one of our area's best online garage sale shopping sites, I highly recommend:

The admin of the site, Jennifer is a pleasure to communicate with. She is responsive to message inquiries and does an exceptional job of keeping the site fresh and fun. (Can't be flakey or you'll get deleted quickly!)  Shop & Sell is free to join, by REFERRAL ONLY. You must reside or work in Concord, Clayton, Walnut Creek, California or be willing to purchase in these cities. The most fantastic part about this unique site is they are currently accepting new members, by referral only.

Join while you still can!

So many fantastic items for sale. Are you a savvy shopper? Love to shop? This is a wonderful opportunity.

Sell something today. What about those golf clubs sitting in the closet or your child's gently used crib sheets? Toddler bikes just sitting in the garage collecting dust? Gently used soccer shoes? Ballet outfits? Pretty much anything is up for sale. It's easy. It's fun.

If you know me - For a PERSONAL REFERRAL to join, please send an email or Facebook message.


Have a great weekend.

CLICK BELOW to link to Shop & Sell

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