Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Concord Community Pool IS open this Thursday & Friday for Public Recreational Swimming...

Concord Community Pool IS open this week, Thursday, August 28th and Friday, August 29th for Recreational Public swim until 4pm, based on minimum attendance of 30 swimmers. I believe if this were better promoted, more people would be out swimming! Temps are in the 90s. 

Phone Concord Community Pool to confirm open times: (925) 671-3474 for Thursday and Friday. 

CLICK BELOW for Pool Hours and Fees: 

For most school children, Wednesdays are an early dismissal. I took three children to the pool today and supported our Concord, California Pool with our admission fees. This photo shows how empty the pool was. With a little notice, an after school trip IS possible. Such a beautiful pool. How many millions of gallons of sparkling water fill this underutilized Olympic Size pool?

Public Recreational Swim is still available on weekends thru September 2014.

3501 Cowell Road
Concord, CA 94518
(925) 671-3480