Monday, November 3, 2014

Apple Season. Donate Apples From Your Tree. Share Fruit. Join "the lemon lady" mission . . .

My daughter joyfully harvesting apples for the hungry.

Food Pantries and Hunger Relief organizations struggle to meet the demands of the poor economy. Sometimes the person struggling is the FAMILY NEXT DOOR. Together, we can SHARE THE LOVE. SHARE FRUIT. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are an abundant harvest, yet a real luxury for most on a limited food budget. Perhaps you know a family struggling with unemployment or a health crisis. Let's boost nutrition to our neediest neighbors! Please, I ask that you take action today. Join me. Find a tree. Share Fruit.

In Concord, California, donating fruit from Summer 2014 harvests is easy! Apples, peaches, plums, oranges, lemons, the summer fruit is endless.

Do you have a fruit tree? Do you wish to donate fruit?

Register your fruit tree before it is too late!

"The Lemon Lady Foundation" and Volunteers offer FREE Pick-up and Delivery service to hunger relief organizations in Contra Costa County, California: Concord, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Martinez, Pacheco and other cities by arrangement.



For NATIONWIDE donation locations, Visit Feeding America.

The Lemon Lady Foundation's mission connects Gardeners and Tree Owners across America to food pantries and county food banks. Any Town, Every Town, USA. Where to deliver fresh garden produce:
Feeding America
Donate excess garden produce, tree-ripened homegrown fruit to any of thousands of food banks, food pantries, Salvation Army, Churches, Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens Nationwide. From California to the Carolinas, New York to Florida and every state in between.



  1. Hi lemon lady, ive been interested in this concept for quite sometime. The repurpising of lemons all over concord and walnut creek. I inquired about this at the concord market on Tuesdays. They told me of you, aswel as info on regulations on lemons and selling.
    The vast amont of trees producing and going un harvested is lrg. Looking to get your opinion on ways to promote the ability to harvest trees at homes. There are an ample amount of lemon trees on oak grove rd, rght side of street heading north. I've counted over 20 trees that produce good amounts yearly. My idea is to create a service that offers pruning. With the concept of distributing flyers to homes that have such trees. If the family is willing,,,create a contract so it has a.sence of sincerity and honesty. Allow a small crew to come in and harvest the ripe lemons. And offer to remove all unwanted produce. Aswel as educate them on how and when is best to pic, and give knowledge that they're is more then one haverst per tree. Some need more time and all that kind of important information. I believe it could be a great avenue of business if presented in a responsible and gentle way with the feeling of safety and giving back.
    Aswel as give them opportunity to benefit from possible sales of there produce if they enquire, I feel it might make a greater success rate if it is an option, considering some families might turn the idea away right away, unless profitable for them aswel.

  2. "The Lemon Lady Foundation" and Volunteers offer FREE Pick-up and ...