Friday, June 27, 2014

San Pablo Reservoir. Boat Rentals. Beauty In Our Own Backyard...

San Pablo Reservoir

The Bay Area is such a beautiful place with easy access to reservoirs and boat rides, simple enough for an afternoon adventure. This scenic park and reservoir is located only a few miles East of the quaint town of Orinda.

Have you ever visited San Pablo Reservoir?

CLICK HERE for EBMUD info on San Pablo Reservoir.

Boat Rental info is on a separate website:

CLICK HERE for boat rental info.

CLICK HERE for directions. We were pleasantly thrilled to find such a spectacular place, only minutes from home. A relaxing boat ride is a peaceful, perfect way to introduce little ones to the wonders of nature.

According to the park brochure, Seniors, POWs, and Disabled receive 50% off boat rental fee Monday thru Friday. A great incentive to take Grandma and Grandpa out for a boat ride with the little ones!

On the EBMUD website: SPECIAL: Rent a boat six times and receive a free 1/2 day weekday rental. Awesome!

This is a fantastic after school or weekday adventure! Hurry. The San Pablo Reservoir will close during the winter months. They're only open mid-February thru October. Don't look for us under any lemon trees, because we'll be making memories, boating, picnicking and having fun.

We also enjoy that San Pablo Dam Reservoir has a Cafe on premises. Even if only to buy a refreshing ice-cream, sandwich, or cup of coffee on a whim! 

San Pablo Reservoir
7301 San Pablo Dam Rd.
El Sobrante, Ca. 94803
(510) 223-1661

Boat Rentals Managed by Rocky Mountain Recreation

CLICK HERE: YELP Reviews, mostly 5 stars. No surprise!


  1. This looks like a fun little area to go and enjoy a picnic with my family. I would love to go rent a boat and enjoy an evening on the lake. Better yet, I wish I owned a boat so I could go out and enjoy the lake.

  2. Looks like such a nice place. I remember our vacations were typically to Lake Powell. We would always rent a houseboat with two other families and have a blast every night. We'd stay up late playing board games, then wake up the next day early to go water-skiing. Thos were some good times, I'll have to go with my family I have now when we save enough to go.