Saturday, May 3, 2014

Calling All Parents, Educators, Schools, Civic Groups - Seeds Sustain our future...

I encourage any parent, educator, school or church group to order a copy of this free catalog. Hey, if you have a friend or relative that may not even have a computer, give them the toll free telephone number: 888-762-7333.

If I had a class of students, I would send the list of FREE SEED CATALOGS home so parents can order for summer reading. This is free education at it's best, in my humble opinion. Click HERE for my previous article on FREE SEED CATALOGS.

Seeds of Change is an all organic farm based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their catalog is one of the absolute best I have read - 107 colorful pages of vibrant photos. A range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs from across the world and many heirlooms from our native ancestors. Page 39 lists 11 types of Basil with gorgeous thumbnail images all on one page: Aromatto, Cardinal, Cinnamon, Fino Verde, Genovese Sweet, Greek, Holy, Lemon, Lettuce Leaf, Lime, and Opal Purple Variegated. It makes me want to grow each one of them!

If we can inspire children (and adults) to learn about nutrition, biodiversity and self-sustaining agriculture, perhaps they will learn to make more intelligent food choices and promote healthier living. I have read the catalog in it's entirety, and all that Seeds of Change writes about I believe and hope future generations will come to understand how wonderful growing our own organic food and saving seed truly is. My daugher Ava understood what a seed was long before her second birthday. It is never too early to give the gift of gardening to our babies.

Let us also teach our children what an heirloom vegetable is, how to save seeds, and which seeds can even be saved! More than likely, you'll never grow a watermelon from one you buy at the grocery store. They're hybrids designed for shipping and mass production. Many of the seed companies have patents on their hybrid seeds. It is best to buy non-hybrid seeds if you intend to save seed from an old-time favorite and bring it back to life in your garden year after year. We're growing beautiful, sweet, heirloom Navajo watermelons again this year.

A few of my favorites to teach seed saving to children are Nasturtiums and Sunflowers. They grow fast and produce lots of seeds. You can find those at any local garden center. If you like, I will be happy to share some with you too. Get started today. I just picked 50 Nasturtiums seeds from my garden this morning!

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