Friday, October 31, 2014

Concord Treasures - Online Garage Sale, Facebook Treasures (Classifieds type) selling group...

Photo courtesy of Concord Treasures Facebook page.

A tip for my local friends. I've been having a bit of fun with lately - making a few extra dollars and new friends along the way - selling accumulated household items, children's toys and clothing. The buying is super fun, too! Mt. Laundry is growing at our house!

If you have a Facebook account and wish to join an exclusive (closed) group of over 1200 members in the Concord, California area, I highly recommend this shopping site. Similar sites are commonly referred to as Online Garage Sales, Classifieds, or Treasures groups.

The admin of the site, Diana is a pleasure to communicate with and is welcoming new members from the local area. It costs nothing to join or list items for sale. There is no transaction fee for selling.

Concord Treasures is by REFERRAL ONLY. You must reside or work in Concord, or be willing to purchase in this city for this group. The most fantastic part about this unique site is they are currently accepting new members.

Join while you still can!

Sell something today. From toasters to tutus, sales happening every day. Coffee mugs, jackets and juicers. Blenders and basketballs. Hot wheels and ice-cream makers. Pretty much anything is up for sale. It's easy. It's fun.

If you know me - For a PERSONAL REFERRAL to join, please send an email or Facebook message.


Have a great weekend.

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