Thursday, November 1, 2012

DONATE FRUIT. Feed The Hungry! Lemons. Pomegranates. Persimmons. Apples...

Life is not all about lemons! In California and other states nationwide, we have an abundant fall harvest. Pumpkins. Pomegranates. Persimmons. Apples. Pears. Lemons. Limes. Oranges. Tangerines. Grapefruit and many more. Begin noticing the beautiful autumn colors decorating urban sidewalks in a city near you. Find a tree. Meet your neighbors. Make a new friend. Pick fruit. Do good.

No child should go hungry. We don't have a food shortage in America. We have a food distribution problem. This is a wonderful, easy opportunity for any ONE of us to make a difference in our own community. Food banks and food pantries nationwide accept homegrown fruit for donation to feed the hungry.

CLICK HERE for food banks and food pantries NATIONWIDE who accept fresh fruit and produce.

Garden. Grow. Share the love. Pick some lemons.
Happy Harvesting!

Call or email "the lemon lady" for Free pickup and delivery.

Anna, The Lemon Lady
Cell: (510) 406-1625
Home: (925) 672-1988

For Media inquiries or to Learn More: CLICK HERE.


  1. Is this standard in most communities? I never heard of fruit donation...