Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking for Loquats! Do you know what a loquat is?...

Loquat trees are found all over the Bay Area. Loquat fruit grow in clusters and their sweet flesh can be either white or orange in color. They are sometimes called Japanese Plums. This photo is from early May 2009 and the fruit was not yet ripe then. Looks like neighborhood loquat trees are a bit behind this year. I'm guessing most will be ready for harvest mid-June to early July.

"Lemon Lady" is looking for loquats! If you have a loquat tree, please contact me ASAP to schedule a harvesting date. Food pantries are grateful for any fruit donations - including loquats! If you find a neighbor with a loquat tree, please share this message. Fruit grows on trees, yet it cannot walk itself into a food pantry.

FREE Pick up and delivery. or (510) 406-1625. Happy Harvesting!

To find a food pantry in Concord, California: CLICK HERE.

To find a food pantry Nationwide, zip code search: CLICK HERE.



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