Saturday, March 19, 2011

Concord-Diablo Rotary Gleaning Efforts surpass One Ton of fruit...

Photo courtesy of Edi Birsan.
Karen Mahshi and Edi Birsan gleaning for the Concord-Diablo Rotary Service Project.

I can't get all the fruit out there. Believe me, I've tried! ;)

We need more people scouting for fruit trees, more fruit tree donors, and more people to help harvest.

I'm so glad to see others actively helping to harvest fruit in our community. In 2009, I had the pleasure of speaking before Edi Birsan's Concord-Diablo Rotary Group - trying to inspire others, one little lemon at a time. Edi has done an excellent job of mobilizing a fruit harvesting crew. They have their fruit-picking poles ready and are looking for more trees to harvest.

Congratulations, Edi and friends on surpassing ONE TON of fruit gleaned from local trees. One tree at a time...each of us can help bring healthy, fresh fruit to those who are poor.

Make friends with a neighbor today. Find a fruit tree. It really is that easy!

Email: "Anna, the lemon lady" or Email: Edi Birsan at the Concord-Diablo Rotary. There is so much surplus fruit and so many people who are hungry. The community truly needs your help!

Do you know of a fruit tree that needs harvesting?
Please Contact:
(510) 406-1625
(510) 812-8180


  1. Edi Birsan is a fantastic human being and a great Rotarian. His gleaning project is terrific -- and you should see what ELSE he does in the Concord community: Library project, Monument Corridor projects, Cambridge Center projects, Medical Outreach, etc., etc.,

    He is the Community Affairs Chair of the Concord/Diablo Rotary Club. He did such a great job his first year that we made him our Club's Rotarian of the Year -- and we won't let him out of that job!

    Al Browning - C/D Rotary Club