Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Capt. Charles Moore on the seas of plastic...

A must see video!
How to recycle plastic bottle caps: Why should we recycle plastic bottle caps? Ever wondered how YOU can help make a difference?

Please be inspired to help recycle plastic caps and lids. It really matters. With YOUR help, we can change the world if we try. This is a perfect service project for environmental conscious individuals of any age! Even my 3-year old can find bottle caps around town, on the beach, in the parks, from vacation at Lake Tahoe to our own backyard of Mt. Diablo in Clayton, California. Bottle caps are everywhere they shouldn't be, even in baby albatross bellies. Would you feed your child plastic bottle caps for breakfast? Please watch the video and learn more of what happens in our oceans.
Contact me for a collection container at:
CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can help Ava and I to "Recycle Plastic Caps and Lids."


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