Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Impact Man - Looks like a fun movie I hope to see soon...

CLICK HERE to watch trailer and link to No Impact Man website.

No electricity. No television. No automobile. Locally grown, seasonal produce. Urban Gardening. Healthier living. Happier living? I believe it!

I'm working on my own version of healthy - with friends all over our city who share excellent edibles year round. No plastic wrap, no pesticides. Only green leaves and luscious, tree-ripened fruit. Lots of smiles.


  1. James of Bethel IslandApril 1, 2010 at 6:24 AM

    I can so relate with what this man is trying to show the World...Love it! We American's are a gadget Society, and we are so spoiled, and lost in this! If i could survive in this world without a car, i would barrow one of my sister's horse', i don't watch hardly any tv, i love organic anything, i shall watch this movie as this man slowly drive's his wife NUT'S..Kudos!!! Anna..good job

  2. Pretty good film. Got me thinking about taking another step or two away from having so much stuff to be recycled. So much packaging!