Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interview with The Lemon Lady, Jr.

Read to your children. Teach them to be caring, sweet as meyer lemons! Ava's Mommy reading January 2010 Diablo Magazine.

Mommy: Is that The Lemon Lady on page 15?

Ava: No. That's Mommy!

Mommy: What is Mommy doing?

Ava: Picking Lemons!

Mommy: What is Ava doing on page 16?

Ava: Picking Lemons!

Mommy: Where does Ava take the lemons?

Ava: My friends. *Big smile*

True Story.

Now, let's all go out and save the world today, one little lemon at a time. One person. One Tree. It all begins somewhere. Lead by example. All children need fresh fruit to grow healthy and strong. Share fresh fruit with a food bank or local food pantry today!

Check out the new issue of Diablo Magazine. Another fantastic article spreading hunger awareness, specifically fruit to food banks. "Meet The Lemon Lady", by Peter Crooks, January 2010 Diablo Magazine available at newsstands.

A few Concord Food Pantries listed here: CLICK HERE.


  1. I love this Anna.

    We are out of the hospital and will be around so give us a call.

    We read your story and loved it. But we know what a blessing you are to everyone.

    God Bless your Christmas and New Years,
    Kathy, John, Savanha, Katie Grace