Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Volunteers Needed Immediately. Help spread sunshine to others...

Volunteers needed immediately - to order FREE SEED CATALOGS.

Promote Literacy.
Support Education.
Inspire Gardening.

We can really use donated seed catalogs for our community garden projects. If you have any old seed catalogs around the house, please give me a call! Not everyone has access to gardening books and textbooks. Books cost money, you know.

Seed Catalogs are FREE, and they're the next best thing. Not only can a seed catalog inspire love of gardening, it can inspire love of reading. You never know until you open the pages, dream, garden, grow. Seed catalogs are valuable educational tools which I redistribute to children and adults who are just beginning to learn the joys of growing their own food.

It only takes a minute of your time. Afterall, they're free. Please, Click HERE, or call the toll-free numbers listed HERE to order today!

The Lemon Lady thanks you for your help today.
Cell: 510.406.1625


  1. Wow, thanks! What a great thing to do--I'll be ordering some shortly...