Friday, December 24, 2010

FREE Christmas Trees. Free Delivery...

A generous farm owner offered to donate 1-50 Christmas Trees. I realize it is late notice…always hoping that perhaps someone who does outreach with the needy may know of a needy community, apartments, seniors, low-income, someone who may be forgotten this year?

Brian was so kind to pick up approximately a dozen trees. Trees are waiting to find a home berfore Christmas Day. THANK YOU Brian. You are a dear angel.
Please contact me if you would like a Christmas Tree delivered or know of anyone in need.
Merry, Merry Christmas!

A heartfelt thank you to many friends who help spread Christmas joy and get the word out. Thank you for posting about this last night. CLICK HERE to read that story.


  1. Your amazing lemon lady and your friends who help are equally amazing. I would have helped you today. Your a silver lining in the world. Merry Christmas.